2020 AMAA Who's Who In The Martial Arts Legends Awards Banquet and Book Release June 26, 2020

The Orleans Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

WELCOME to the American Martial Arts Alliance

Welcome to the American Martial Arts Alliance. The AMAA offers Consultation Services to help Instructors with the business of running a Dojo and hosting successful tournaments.


It also supports the formation of a successful curriculum for any form of Martial Arts study. Our mission is to spread the ethics and integrity of the Martial Arts throughout the world.

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AMAA Mission Statement

The primary focus of the American Martial Arts Alliance, LLC is to develop discipline, respect, honor, accountability, and leadership through the philosophy of Martial Arts and to provide services and guidance to foster technical excellence and maintain the highest standards in the martial arts community. Students are encouraged to participate and compete whenever possible to interact and exchange skills with other martial artists. American Martial Arts Alliance, LLC will uphold the integrity, ethics, and spirit of fairness within sports karate, honor and support the unsung heroes of martial arts, and pave the way for future champions.

Joe Corley An honor again to join GM Jessie Bowen, fellow Golden Achievers, Grand Masters, and Masters at the 2019 Who’s Who in Las Vegas this weekend. Congrats to all new members of this prestigious Who’s Who!


Jim T. Chong An incredible event. I am going to also nominate some deserving local Grand Masters here!

Kenny Rosie Rebstock The best event I've been to! Plus Rosemary got some of the casino's money!

Warkwando Johnny 👍👍🥋, it was great

GM Marcel Bedard Honored & proud to be inducted into Jessie Bowen’s AMAA Legends Awards Banquet and Book Release, Who’s Who Legends Martial Arts Hall of Honors. 

Paul Ortino. Special thanks to Grandmaster Jessie Bowen for giving out the Legends ring and for creating one of the most informative and comprehensive books of Who’s Really Who in the Martial Arts Legends and Pioneers.

 Jeffrey Heaney.Thank you to GMJessie Bowen and the rest of the advisory board for my inclusion in the 2019 “Who is Really Who in the Martial Arts” book. I am humbled to be included with such amazing individuals that have helped shape the history of the martial arts.

Michael P Faraday Coming back from Las Vegas just this morning I had some quiet time to absorb the amazing ceremonies this past weekend which began on Friday, June 28th & finished Sat. June 29th. There comes a time in your life when you really do not realize what you have accomplished until someone tells you & this I owe to G.M. Jessie Bowen, staff, & some amazing peers in the arts who are my friends. A new book was released this weekend called: Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers; Who's Really Who in The Martial Arts.

Jeff GibsonWhat an amazing time at the Who's Who Legends Weekend in Las Vegas. GM Jessie Bowen and his team did an amazing job... So grateful to have spent time with and to be joining the ranks of such legends (Masters & Grandmasters) as; Joe Corley, Jeff Smith, Stephen Hayes, Keith Yates, Jessie Bowen, Bill Wallace, Allen Steen, Pat Burleson...and some in which I've personally known for decades as our own Robert Dunn, Danny Dring, Jason Wadley, Yong Zeeb… One of the most exciting weekends I've ever experienced among peers. Congratulations to all!

All Attending Inductees Will Receive the Custom Design AMAA Legends Ring as a Gift from Our Sponsors. The AMAA Reception and Ring Presentation will on June 26th, 2020 at 6:00 PM

The Ring is a $425 Value. Must have your bio submitted before November 15th



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BEAUFORT COUNTY, NC (WITN) - An Eastern Carolina native is now touring the country to talk about the importance of martial arts.

Grand Master Jessie Bowen, originally from Pantego, first got into martial arts as a child after being picked on in school.

"Mentors told me I had potential and that I could do this," said Bowen.

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AMAA Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers Book Signing


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