Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas,

June 29th, 2019

The AMAA Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers Radio Network 

Producer Jessie Bowen

An Amazing Audio Program


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You have more power than you realize. More genius than you can imagine. More wisdom and knowledge than you can ever access. But this audio program is the key to unlocking the new you within. Who you are today is a result of your acquired programs, beliefs, thoughts and ideas about the world. Unless we challenge the status quo, we remain one of the masses.


By listening to the powerful meditation program you will become more confident,  tuned to your inner voice for better decision for your life journey.



Audio Tracks

  1. Self Discovery 

  2. Knowledge vs Wisdom 

  3. Define your purpose   

  4. How your mind works  

  5. Cultivating the Mind Through Meditation 

  6. Release and Discover Inner Wisdom Meditation 

  7. What You Think is What You Get - Using Mind Control Meditation 

  8. Focus with Purpose Meditation 

  9. The Myth of Self-Discipline 

  10. Patience 

  11. Creative Visualization   


Hanshi Jessie Bowen,

Jessie is a 10th Degree Black Belt, Life Success and Business Coach, Silva Method Lecture/ Coach, Sports Psychology Coach, Sports Hypnosis, Sports MindGame, NLP Sports Coach. Over the past 30 years, he has been a mental performance coach and personal trainer to the top athletes in amateur and collegiate teams in basketball, bowling, football, martial arts and tennis he's on the physical education staff at Duke University.


He is a motivational speaker, and Corporate Educator for Duke Corporate Education rated as the #1 business and Executive Training Firm in the world. He has a special gift when it comes to helping athletes and business owners break through their own limited beliefs and become elite performers.

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