2019 Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors Martial Arts Organization of  the Year

Orleans Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas,

June 29th, 2019

PKA Associated Schools & Members Martial Arts School

Martial arts Masters & Pioneers Pre-Nomination Registration





Wow! Thank you Grand Master Jessie Bowen for this momentous offering for our interested PKA ASSOCIATED SCHOOL Members and Supporters.

Friends, consider this—PKA Associated Schools has arranged for a pre-nomination for the 2019 Who’s Who Edition to be unveiled in Las Vegas around the MAIA Convention June 29th with a Special Tribute to You and Grandmaster Stephen Hayes. There are 3 easy steps to become involved and we will be doing special videos for each of you who are members and are included in the Who’s Who!

The 3 Easy Steps:

1.Fill out the Pre-nomination info below and click submit. The Who’s Who staff, knowing it came through PKA will immediately  check it out.

2.They will then send you an on-line bio to fill out, from 800 to 1800 words depending on your rank, and you submit it with a $100 editing deposit that will be used against the number of books you decide to order, the banquet tickets you order if you go, and more.

3.You decide from 2 choices—

  • to receive your Who’s Who books in the mail to share with all your students and local media

  • to attend the banquet and receive your books and award(s) there

Whatever you decide, you will be fully schooled in building your reputation beyond what it already is


GM Joe Corley, PKA

AMAA Legends Induction Benefits:

  • Custom certificate of inclusion

  • Sponsorship support to attend the legends awards banquet

  • Press release template and training

  • Promotional posters and flyers for your school

  • Free books for your personal book signing

  • Live marketing and book signing support

  • Induction to the  AMAA Legends Awards Society

  • Interview on the  AMAA martial arts Masters radio show

  • Free web page on the  AMAA online business directory

  • Free 30-day grow your Martial Arts business coaching call  

The American Martial Arts Alliance

Named 2019 Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors Martial Arts Organization of  the Year

GM Pat Johnson

Plus, You'll Be Automatically Registered to Win Our Vegas

AMAA LegendsWeekend Get Away 2 Night Stay, Banquets Ticks and More




Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers book

$49.95 Plus S&H