Unleash The Hidden Power Of Setting Goals… Find out how you can set goals as easily as you make wishes, and watch with wonder as you realize your wishes come true, one by one….


Are you ready to unleash the power within you to accomplish anything you want, even those things you have yet to imagine?


Are you embarrassed to admit you are one of those people that fantasize daily about the good life?


Someone that constantly dreams of making their wishes come true, but lacks the ability to set realistic, tangible and motivated goals that propel you to your ultimate destiny? 

Learn the Power of Achievement.  Meeting realistic goals can be easy if you have the right understanding of the process! The reason so many people fail at meeting their goals is because they have a confused understanding of realistic goal setting and self-motivation methodology.

What Will You Learn?

With the 30-Day Goal Mastery Course, you will learn how to establish realistic goals and achieve Success . The program trains you how to “model” the habits, attitudes, skills and strategies of Highly successful people.


In the 4 session training you will cover 4 success modules to help you figure out what it is that you truly want from life. It's right there in your subconscious mind but you need to get it out, and make it a reality.


CD #1 Goal Aiming Higher Strategies

Find out how to tap the subconscious and utilize its power to become more than you ever thought possible.

Learning how to develop and maintain a positive mental attitude is the secret to how to thrive in life with the happiness you long for by attracting greatness, success and wealth.  People with a positive outlook on life tend to be more happy and healthy than others.  We want to help you learn the tips and strategies so you can become all you want to be. 

When you attend this class, you will uncover many great secrets of the gurus for inner joy and happiness, including the following insights:

  • Course Overview and Orientation

  • Goals to Success - Understanding Yourself


  • Goal Evaluation Form

  • Defining Your Purpose

  • How to choose your 30-day Goals

  • Removing Your Limiting Beliefs

  • How and why Visualization works 

  • Key Points in Goal Setting

  • Introduction to Meditation and Visualization practice

  • Creative Visualization Exercise


CD #2 Law of Attraction Revealed

Learn the law of attraction tools to Success. Activating the Law of Attraction

Learn how to turbo-charge your ability to apply the Law of Attraction and open you up to whole new level of success that only you have dreamed existed.

In our class you will learn:

  • How The Law of Attraction Works in Everyday Life

  • Law of Attraction Secrets of Prosperity  

  • Learn how to avoid Procrastination 

  • How to change your mind, Change your life really works.

  • Magnifying Your purpose Through the Law of Attraction

  • What You Think is What You Get - Using Mind Control

Remember, the last 6 letters in “The Law of Attraction” spell action. You simply can’t apply the Law of Attraction – without taking action.


CD #3 How to Create A Vision Board for Extreme Success Through Creative Visualization

The purpose of a vision board is to activate the law of attraction.  To begin to pull things from your external environment that will enable you to realize your dream. By selecting pictures and writings that charges your emotions with feelings of passion, with the right actions you will begin to manifest those things into your life. Learn to focus your energy and attention to building a framework using images, pictures and affirmations.


CD #4 Develop a Plan of Action

Write a step-by-step plan for achieving your subgoals, and ultimately your main goal. Once you’ve set your goals and subgoals the next step is to put your goals into action. It’s likely that having your goals broken down into smaller steps, or subgoals, will make it a lot easier for you to achieve your goals in the long-run.

  • Daily To-Do’s

  • Action and Attitude

  • How to Monitor your Progress

  • Visualizing the Process rather than the Outcome 

  • Visualization for  Goal Acheivement Exercise

  • Develop Intuition through Creative Visualization

30 Day Goal Manifesting Audio Program