Dear Nominees,

We thank you for your continued support in making the AMAAF Legends Awards Banquet and Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers Book Release a world-class martial arts event in the martial arts industry.


2020 Who’s Who publication will be honoring the lifetime achievements of Chuck Norris for his tremendous contributions to martial arts via United Fight Arts Federation (UFAF) and KickStart.

The last few weeks have been filled with hardships that no one could have predicted with the widespread expansion of COVID-19. This global pandemic has not just affected our industry, it’s affected the entire world. For where we are in this moment of time, the martial arts Masters and Pioneers book is one of the most important books in the history of martial arts; as we have lost so many martial artists to the Coronavirus pandemic. Who they are and their stories are gone forever.

With Las Vegas events canceled, we are excited that our entire celebration this year will be online, and the money we would have invested in airline and hotel costs are kept home as we all hunker down. All of our inductee's awards, rings, certificates, and Who’s Who Pioneer & Masters Edition books will be shipped and will arrive to you prior to the event.

This will be an opportunity for all your family, friends and students to watch the entire proceedings online! All of you will be given an opportunity for an online acceptance message with your award. We are excited about this historical opportunity to share your story with the world.

Yours in the Martial arts 

GM Jessie Bowen

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Let Us Support You!

As we move through this era in our lives, we consider the AMAA Masters and Pioneers Biography Book one of the most important books in the history of martial arts to date. Not just because we are honoring two of our legendary martial artists,  Grandmasters Chuck Norris and Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, but because it is today's modern history book. We want to share your biographical information with your students, family, friends, and the world.

We have created a sponsorship program to make sure all of our nominated martial artists have the opportunity to be featured in this legendary publication.

Martial Arts Instructor Support Page

We've constructed a web page for your supporters to make donations or purchase books. With 15 supporters, your Awards Package is $0 cost to you. The program is designed to inspire your supporters, the community, and future students. We will set up your Personal Support Website for your students, family, and friends for maximum impact.

We will also provide you with all the tools and support you need to inform your supporters and we will donate 15% back for all contributions over 15 books. 

Contact: Jessie Bowen at AMAAF


To setup your 

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Event Schedule Friday, June 26th

  • 12:00 GM Jessie Bowen Building Your Brand with the Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers Book Edition

  • 1:00 PM Jeff Gibson Martial Arts Business with Health & Wellness Screening. 

  • 2:00 PM Release of the Martial Arts Masters Pioneers Biography Book Virtual Book Signing

  • 7:00 PM AMAAF Legends Ring Presentation


Event Schedule Saturday, June 27th

  • 12:00 AM Martial Arts Business with Toby Milroy

  • 1:00 PM Virtual Book Signing - Martial Arts Masters Pioneers Biography Book

  • 6:00 PM AMAAF Legends Awards Recognition

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