According to a world-renowned author, research studies have found that an average person thinks between 50,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day!

Without realizing it, people give power to their thoughts. People feed this power by the nature of their thoughts. Unfortunately, the majority of thoughts that people have on a daily basis are negative in nature.

These figures are staggering! Just think about it (no pun intended)- If 70% of people’s daily thoughts are negative, this surely cannot have a positive impact on their lives.

Headlines are all warning about the dangers of negative thinking and their adverse effects on the human body.

Zen Mind-Body Mindfulness Meditation for Martial Artist This approachable, accessible, innovative book gently guides you into your own meditation practice, a practice that will encourage you to release stress, sharpen your mental focus, and hold a more tranquil, healing perspective. Your practice will help you navigate the challenges of your life with more fluidity and fluency. Elevate Your Mind and "Discover The Power To Live Your Vision."

Zen Mind-Body Meditation for Martial Arts: Unlock Your Hidden Potential


  • Learn to release and Builds confidence and optimism

  • Improve attention.

  • Manage chronic pain

  • Reduces anxiety and stress, resulting in peak performance

  • Enhances your concentration and focus

  • Empower you to control and utilize your competition nerves

  • Frees you from hostility, resentment, fear of rejection

  • Helps you select your goals and chart your course for their realization

  • Allows you to program your mind with positive mental concepts and success attitudes

  • Develops your ability to construct mental images easily

  • Helps you achieve the winning mental edge

  • Replaces doubt with positive self-talk

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Author Jessie Bowen


Grandmaster Jessie Bowen, 10th-degree black belt, author, President of the American Martial Arts Alliance Institute, LLC, Executive Director of the American Martial Arts Alliance Foundation, President of Karate International of Durham, and Elite Corporate Coaching located in Greenville North Carolina. He holds degrees in business management, sports hypnosis, martial science, and personal development coaching. Over the past 30 years has developed a unique way to offer sports performance Consulting Services through the principles taught in the martial arts and visualization training.

He has been an athlete and coach experiencing firsthand how belief, attitude, and mindset influence performance. His passion for sports and sports mental performance started early in his martial arts career and continued to grow as he participated in martial arts competition, winning over 2,000 trophies and awards.

A former USA Olympic Festival Sport Coordinator for Tae Kwon Do and NCAS Sport Coordinator for Karate. He is recognized locally and nationally for his contributions to the growth of sport karate in North Carolina. Grandmaster Bowen has trained some of the top collegiate teams in football, basketball, bowling, and golf. He is also a Sports Performance Coach, Author, Motivational Expert, Lecturer, Life Success Coach for the world-renowned Silva Method training. In 2016 he led the Duke University Taekwondo team to its 1st Gold Medal.

As an educator, he was on the Duke University Physical Education staff for over 27 years, influencing thousands of students in mind-body training. After a successful career as a business leader, martial arts competitor, and professional bowler, Grandmaster Bowen now coaches/teaches/advises other people how to achieve the same success.

His varied background in business, sports, and Silva Method training provided the perfect foundation for his Success coaching business. He is passionate about coaching and its possibilities for providing services that help businesses, individuals, and athletes reach their full potential.

Zen Mind-Body Meditation for Martial Artist: Unlock Your Hidden Potential

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