Gain Mental Clarity

By Jessie Bowen

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Gain mental clarity, in this new environment, is easier said than done. We have so many distractions and too much time to think about it. If you feel your world is chaotically cluttered with stuff that you need to get rid of then this article is for you. In my personal coaching classes, I teach the law of attraction and life concepts. What is the law of attraction? Think of it in the simplest terms whatever you think about most is what you draw into your life. As you start to read this article, I recommend getting a pen and paper as you begin to read this article and make notes about how not having mental clarity is affecting your life.

Letting Go of the Past

While the present can plague our minds when we have a lot on our plate, the past can take a hole in our mental facilities when it comes to dealing with people around us. Additionally, it is safe to say that we all have had bad things happen to us in the past that we wish we could forget.

Life can sometimes leave the emotional body with scars, and then it’s up to us to heal them in the best way we can. Letting go of the past is important because when you can’t let go of the past, it can

dictate how you GAIN MENTAL CLARITY react to things in the future.

Recognize Why Letting Go is Important

Say you were hurt by a friend in the past, and you feel as though they left an emotional mark on you. Because of what happened you don't feel as though you can trust anyone now. This general

sense of distrust, while you believe it is protecting you from getting hurt again, is limiting your ability to form positive relationships with the people around you.

You continuously go back to the situation, and you cannot let go. In turn, this creates an emotionally driven mental clutter that dictates how you live your life. Therefore, letting go of the past is so important, and recognizing his fact is the first step when you are looking to let go of negativity from the past. In this way, you can start to think about being able to let go of the past as a positive thing for yourself. To this end,

thinking about some of the following aspects should be able to help you deal with any issues about your past.

Releases You of a Burden Carrying around the weight of something in that past that has hurt.

you can be incredibly tiring emotionally. By forgiving these circumstances and letting go of the hurt caused by the situations, allows you to be able to strengthen your own psyche.

Releases You of Resentment

It is crucial that you understand that when you choose to let go of a hurtful past situation; it doesn’t mean that you have to mend the relationship with the person that hurt you. Instead, you need to

focus on letting go of your sadness, anger, and pain. This will help you to become a better version of yourself, without having to focus on the other person.

Brings You More Understanding

Many people who cause others pain often are hurting themselves. If you can recognize this fact and find it in your heart to be a bit more compassionate to others who hurt you, it might end up being easier for you to let the past go.

Requires You Forgiving Yourself

When you hold onto the past, there is a chance that you also blame yourself for the circumstances that occurred. Similar to finding compassion for the people who hurt you, it is also essential to find compassion for yourself. Relationships are complex, and it is entirely possible that you could be the victim, as

well as having some responsibility in the matter.

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