The Bridge to Your Dreams - By Jessie Bowen

In this blog post assume you’ve already assessed what you really want. You’ve developed a “vision”—a big picture, long-term vision of what you would ideally want your life to encompass—no constraints, only pure dream.

But, sometimes this dream seems so far outside of your current reality that you can’t quite get yourself to believe it. Even after finding evidence that you can, in fact, achieve it, you still need to prove it to yourself by GETTING STARTED!

It’s often that first step that’s the hardest part. The good news is that when the first step is onto a bridge to your dream, you can see right away that you will get there. We know this because we’ve experienced it. We’re really good at thinking big, without limitations, and really believing our dreams are ours for the taking. But, we’re so good at it that we find ourselves living in limbo—one foot here in the now and the other floating somewhere in the ether, trying to find firm ground in that dreamland in our minds. As you can imagine, this position can leave one quite unstable.

So, the question is, “How can you take your dream out of the clouds and make it concrete?” as well as “How can dreams be more believable and immediately attainable?” The solution is to break down your dream into more manageable chunks—separate tiers—creating a bridge between where you are and where you want to be. That’s what this section is all about! The Bridge Visions and dreams tend to be big-picture, long-term oriented. For them to feel attainable and for one not to get stuck “waiting” to enjoy life in the process, it’s important to build a bridge.

The bridge consists of 2 parts, the beginning and the middle, where the “end” is your dream or goal. The first part is Enjoying Today. You “get on the bridge” by finding ways to make your life TODAY more like what you dream. The second part is Getting Prepared. This is where you work on YOURSELF along the journey to your dream so that you are who you need to be in order to be ready for living your dream. The rest of the activities in this section break down your dreams and goals into more detailed plans. But first, you want to build your bridge so you can GET ON IT!

Getting On the Bridge Enjoying Today: Rather than feel that your current situation is simply a stepping stone to be quickly passed over in route to your long-term dream, remember the UNconditional emotions you identified as the true reason you want your dream and determine ways of bringing more of them into your life NOW. What small changes could you make in your current life that would bring more joy (and other desired emotions) to your life now? (These can be things you could remove, add or adjust.)

Which of these changes would make the biggest difference? Which are easiest? Are there any changes you want that would require OTHER PEOPLE to change or do something? If so, how can you take responsibility for changing your experience without requiring anyone else to change?

What elements of your long-term dream could you experience NOW—where you are today? (For example, if writing a book is part of your dream, could you set aside 30 minutes a week to work on your book? Why wait?)

Summarize 3 to 5 changes you could make IMMEDIATELY that would get you on the bridge, experiencing aspects of your dream, now?

Getting Prepared Being a Match: In order to reach your goals you must become who you need to be in order to be ready for living your dream. This is something most people don’t think about. They may be able to identify what they want in life, but they don’t consider what changes they would need to make—both in their life and within themselves—so that they would even be able to enjoy, experience or do the thing they want when they get there.

Identifying these changes is a good way to help identify goals that you need to reach along the way to your greater dream. What are the physical, mental and other characteristics that you need to develop WITHIN YOURSELF in order to be ready for these dreams when they come to you? (For example, would you need to be healthier, in better shape, more balanced, have more polished skills, etc)

What are the situational characteristics of your life that you would need to change? (For example, would you need a different living environment, job, group of friends, etc)

For each, what are 1 to 3 goals you can set for yourself to work toward being ready for your dreams?

Put them in order of when you can work on them. Identify what is within your power to do now. Having a vision of the life of your dreams and working on your goals are powerful tools for focus and inspiration, but don’t forget that life happens now—THIS is the dream— the journey is the destination. Get on the bridge!

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