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Dear School Owner/Instructor,

I am Grandmaster Jessie Bowen, the Executive Director of the American Martial Arts Alliance Foundation and Director of the Who's Who in the Martial Arts Hall of Honors legacy event.

The American Martial Arts Alliance Foundation Team is pleased to nominate your martial arts school as one of our top 20 picks to be featured in our upcoming Martial Arts Extraordinary magazine. Additionally, your school will be recognized at the AMAA Who's Who in the Martial Arts Legacy Banquet at the Hilton Airport Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina, on August 9th and 10th, 2024.

This nomination has several benefits:

  • the AMAA Who's Who Top 20 School Award

  • the AMAA Legacy Ring

  • Martial Arts Extraordinaire Magazine Feature

  • FREE Cancun Vacation

  • the chance to showcase your school on our new Roku and Fire Stick TV channels

  • and other marketing opportunities


Please provide us with more information about your school, by clicking the following link and inputting the instructor and owner's school information.

In the nominated field, type in GM Jessie Bowen.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 919-618-8075 or via email at

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