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Are you a martial artist with purpose, passion, and personality …

but not getting enough attention or traction?

Establish yourself as an industry expert and gain exposure as a successful entrepreneur.

It's time for YOU to step into the limelight! You deserve recognition, a voice, and rewards as the professional martial artist that you are. We invite you to join our Martial Arts Extraordinaire Magazine, where you can engage a worldwide audience and position yourself for growth within your school and community. 

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Elite Publications wants to feature you in our award-winning martial arts magazine, Elite Martial Artists in America. By being featured, you can EXPAND YOUR MARTIAL ARTS BUSINESS AND COMMUNITY RECOGNITION. 



Are you a martial artist with a strong sense of purpose, unwavering passion, and a vibrant personality that's not receiving the attention you deserve? 

Being featured in our magazine is one of the most effective ways to grow your martial arts business and positively impact your community. Today's best marketers combine print advertising with digital marketing to form an integrated campaign that gets enormous results.

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