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Elite Martial Artists Worldwide for 2025

Don't miss this amazing offer!

American Martial Arts Alliance and Elite Publications are releasing the upcoming Elite Martial Artist in America compilation book

Have you ever thought about becoming an author? Then, The American Martial Arts Alliance and Elite Publications have the perfect opportunity for you to become an Amazon best-selling International author promoting you, your business, and the martial arts to thousands of enthusiasts. 

The Elite Martial Artists in America compilation book is unique, focusing on life lessons, leadership, and business, all in one publication.

The Elite Martial Artists in America compilation book will be released in January 2025 at Sifu Alan Goldberg's event in Atlantic City, NJ. The compilation book project allows you to co-author a book with Grandmasters like Stephen K. Hayes, Karen Eden Herdman, Dana Abbott, and Jessie Bowen (the authors of more than seventy books). They have a wealth of knowledge to share. So if you want to start a movement, write a message that gets people excited, gain more respect, and increase your clientele, share your martial arts experience in life, leadership, and business in this new book. The new connections, insights, and motivation you'll gain as a co-author of the Martial Artists in America compilation will pave the way for a prosperous future..

The book will consist of three topics that you can write on:


  • Secrets to Life 

  • Secrets to Business 

  • Secrets to Leadership 


Things to know:


  • Your chapter will contain 2000 words, your bio, and a headshot. 

  • Each topic will have 10 authors. 

  • You get to choose which topic you write about.

  • Featured in the Martial Arts Extraordinaire Magazine.

  • Special interview on The Become An Author Podcast.

  • Each author will receive their own book with their picture and bio on the back cover.

Added Perks:


  • Refine your writing on a smaller scale

  • Great branding expands your influence and increases your visibility

  • Lower investment point to participate

  • Make a Global Impact

  • Guaranteed Best-Selling Author Status

  • Acceptance into the Library of Congress

  • Nomined for the International Impact Award

  • Author Recognized at the Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors 

  • Special Bonus $300 Hotel Savings Card. Good for over 1,000,000 hotels

Participating in a compilation is a less expensive way to become a published author. We intend to make this an Amazon best-seller. Each copy will receive the best seller seal, which means you will be an Amazon best seller. 


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$29.95 PLUS S&H

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2024 Amazon #1 Bestseller 


$19.95 PLUS S&H

$29.95 PLUS S&H


Pre-Order Your Audio Book Now!

The Elite Martial Artists in America Audiobook, set to release on April 15th, features 29 Masters and Grandmasters sharing their life wisdom. This audiobook delves into the secrets of life, leadership, and business. With 29 chapters and over 2 hours of listening pleasure, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in this powerful and inspiring book.

These bite-sized inspirational audios are designed to help you become the best version of yourself, both personally and professionally. Whether you need a boost of inspiration at home or in the office, we've got you covered!

Elite Publications Author Spotlight

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2023 Co-Authors Testimonies



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