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Are you a martial artist with purpose, passion, and personality? 
Then the NEW Sport Karate Museum Magazine is for You!

The Sport Karate Museum Magazine is the first-of-its-kind, combining marketing and legacy. It is dedicated to the growth and development of martial arts while preserving the history and legacy of martial artists. Through business marketing, captivating stories, vivid pictures, and insights into their influence on the martial arts, this magazine offers a unique perspective on the world of martial arts.

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The Sport Karate Museum magazine wants to feature you in our magazine launch. By being featured, you can EXPAND YOUR MARTIAL ARTS BUSINESS AND GAIN COMMUNITY RECOGNITION. 


Are you a martial artist with a strong sense of purpose, unwavering passion, and a vibrant personality that's not receiving the attention you deserve? 

Being featured in our magazine is one of the most effective ways to grow your martial arts business and positively impact your community. Today's best marketers combine print advertising with digital marketing to form an integrated campaign that gets enormous results.

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